Zach Lavine’s Career Statistics

Thomas Peters
2 min readMar 2, 2021

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach Lavine has been on an absolute tear this season. Averaging career highs in scoring and efficiency, Lavine has come a long way from his days as a sixth man for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

All-Star Zach LaVine

Lavine had often been labeled only as a dunk specialist early in his career, winning the dunk contest in 2015. To see Zach flourish as a main scoring option is quite exciting for fans, and honestly, somewhat unexpected. Averaging a career best 28.5 points per game, Lavine has increased his scoring every year in all facets. Included in the trade package for Jimmy Butler in 2017, Lavine was coming off a season where he averaged 18.9 points per game, providing a very promising return. Chicago had also received youngster sharpshooter Lauri Markanen and defensive specialist Kriss Dunn, with Lavine almost serving as an add-on. Unfortunately, The Chicago Bulls have not been in the playoffs since the departure of Jimmy Butler. However, Lavine has taken great strides into becoming a well-rounded player, increasing his assists and rebound percentages to compliment his bona-fide scoring proweness. This production has resulted in his overwhelming amount of votes for his All-Star bid. Currently, Chicago holds a 15–18 record, good enough for a 10th in the Eastern Conference, which would technically qualify for a play-in game to potentially make the playoffs according to the new standings structure.

Often considered an “empty calories” type of player, Lavine must feel very validated to finally be an All-star with the support of players and fans alike. Lavine is the engine that makes the Bull’s offense go, and he has even improved dramatically as a defender, an aspect of his game that has been often criticized. Lavine has frequently been the subject of trade rumors in the NBA, but due to his play in the current season, executives have hinted that Lavine seems to finally be off the trading block.